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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Kaia x Crosby babies at 4 weeks old!

Kaia x Crosby's babies are four weeks old...  doing very well.  They started solid food today but are still nursing well.
We have a couple available.  Email me for full details and a puppy application.

We also have a beautiful litter born March 20th between Bailey x Keecam's Jynx.  Details and photos to be posted shortly.

Available: Red Tri Female - Shea  
Pending: Blue Merle Female - Skye
Pending: Black Tri Female - Edin

Reserved: Red Merle Male - Wrigley
Available: Black Tri Male - Miller

Miller - Available


Shea - Available


Wrigley - Reserved


Skye - Pending


Edin - Pending


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